Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bush Revival

Once upon a time, approximately one year ago... we had a pretty back yard. It lasted for a few months...

...and then the dogs happened. 

I love them and wouldn't trade them for anything. Dixie, our chocolate lab, is a digger. She likes to dig at the fence posts until she hits the concrete. She then gnaws off a chunk and carries it around the yard. It is something I don't think I'll ever understand. Along with cement, she also likes leaves, tree limbs, plastic, paper, pretty much anything she can get her mouth on. This includes the once-beautiful bushes in the backyard. They both used to have flowers on them. This one used to be so pretty. Now it looks like this:

So pitiful! In order to give this bush a fighting chance- I decided to move it to a dog-free zone, otherwise known as the front yard. This was WAY easier said than done. 

It took about 45 minutes to uproot this stubborn thing. 

Here is the aftermath:

Yes, I was bleeding. But I am so accident-prone that this could have happened while I was folding laundry. Something is seriously wrong with me. 

Here is the spot in the front yard I moved the bush to- it is next to the front porch:

I thought this would be the easy part... but of course not! There must have been another bush in this spot at some point because I was digging up some massive roots!!

Here is the bush in all its glory now... try not to laugh... 

Hahahaha I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But hey, it can't get any worse than it was. Well technically I guess it can. It could die. And that would be worse. But at least Dixie can't use it as a chew toy in its new location! 

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